March 31, 2021

It started with a story

It started with a story

A year today, I kicked off my first ever AppsFlyer project. It was a Zoom call with Yamit, Michael, Vitali and Saima who were very patient with me. They indulged my rookie questions and without them, that very first customer success story would not have happened. I felt a lot of pressure with that first project. I was an outsider and AppsFlyer was, by some margin, my largest client.

That first interaction gave me a real insight into the world of AppsFlyer.

Now, a year later, I have written over 20 customer success stories for David and his amazing team.

This week, I wrote my first two stories as a member of the AppsFlyer family. I’m only 13 working days into my AppsFlyer adventure - but I already know that this is where I’m meant to be. But how can I make such a bold proclamation?

Some context is important.

Here’s the thing. I’m a 46 year old Scotsman that is both hopelessly optimistic and naturally cynical - sometimes at the exact same time. If that sounds confusing - try walking in my small shoes!

I’m so early in my journey that what follows could be categorised as one of the following…

  • Sucking up to the boss. (Too old for that!)
  • ‘Rose tinted’ early-door euphoria. (Too cynical for that!)
  • Utter naivety.  (Too early to tell ;-) )

Closing down the business that I worked so hard to build over the last six years was a massive decision for me. Yet, it was also an easy one to make in the end. Many of my friends never thought I’d work for another company. And others thought that I was unemployable (thanks a lot Dad!).

So why make the move? The one word answer is ‘culture’.

Now, if you just rolled your eyes at my mere utterance of ‘culture’ - please stick with me. Culture is one of those often misused and frankly abused words in a business context. Far more intelligent humans than me can talk about what ‘culture’ actually means. For example the esteemed thought leader ‘Professor Kelvin Manderson’ may have said something along the lines of….

“Culture is the manifestation of the symbiotic relationship and alignment between mission, vision and values etc. etc. etc.”

Kelvin’s rather distant and less erudite cousin has a different view.

Culture is how you make people feel.

That’s it.

The reason it was easy for me to join was because over the year of working as a freelancer, I effectively got to test drive the AppsFlyer culture. I engaged with around 35 AppsFlyer’s during that time and I only had positive experiences. People were smart, professional and significantly a lot of fun. They also showed a lot of patience and were really positive about the work I was doing.

For me that’s culture in action. I described culture as a magnet recently. It either pulls you in or pushes you away. I’ve experienced both. I left a business earlier in my career because the culture had become toxic. And now, I’m part of AppsFlyer because its people, attitude, vibe and, yes, ultimately its culture, pulled me in.

(Editor's note - 46 year old men should NOT use the word ‘vibe’)

13 days into this adventure and I feel both fortunate and proud to say that I work for AppsFlyer. I have an incredible amount of new knowledge to digest. And, I will ask a lot of questions along the way. But I’m confident I’ll get to where I need to be.

The biggest emotion for me right now is one of excitement. I’m excited by the challenge and I’m excited to play my part in helping our customers, partners and, especially, my new work family.

And to think - this adventure started with a single story a year ago today.

Thanks to everyone at AppsFlyer for making me feel so welcome.

The story continues.