August 3, 2020


A story about Jamie, written 2 days after he was born.


“Would you like some music on?" asked the midwife.

"OK." came the pained response from Gillian.

The play button was pressed and any doubt regarding the sex of baby number three was dispelled by Beyonce as she sang "if I was a boy....". A spooky coincidence or a sign? I was convinced of the latter.

The lovely Ms. Knowles was proved right at 12.54am on Wednesday 12th August as Jamie Kevin Anderson entered the world. As expected I cried like the big girls blouse I am. Even now 2 days later I still feel short but strong waves of emotion sweep over me as my eyes begin to water. Hay fever - it must be hay fever.

I can't quite explain it but this time it feels different. Different in a good way. It's probably down to me having the relative security of decent job or it may be because our financial situation is better than it's been in a while. Personally I think it has more to do with the fact that Gill and I had settled on two kids. The fact that the idea of trying for a third came to us independently at around the same time was a sign as well.

So in a sense Jamie is the child we never thought we'd have.

We know how incredibly lucky we are. We've got friends who recently suffered the heartbreak of a miscarriage and another couple of friends have also had a major issue with their pregnancy. I look at my 3 boys and beautiful wife and I do count my non-religious blessings.

Happiness doesn't quite do justice to the I feel. I'm utterly ecstatic. The first meeting of the Anderson boys at the hospital was amazing. Matthew and Lewis wore the widest smiles I'd ever seen.

Having the 5 of us at home together has been brilliant. Sure we're tired, sure sleepless nights await us for a while, but that means nothing. The first thing Matthew and Lewis want to do when they wake up is to see Jamie. They cuddle him, kiss him and offer him a veritable menagerie of cuddly toys.

So once again our life has changed.

Next month will be the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Cineworld cinema in Dundee and also of my first meeting with Gill.

Ten years and three children later our family is complete.

I am complete.