August 11, 2020



Never settle.

Sometimes it’s stated. Other times it’s implied.

The principle goes that if you run your own business, you should never settle. The pursuit of more must be in your entrepreneurial DNA.

More money. More employees. More locations. More clients. More status.

Never settling is an expectation.

Settling is the other side of the coin.

Settling to the ‘never settlers’ is illogical. They can’t figure out why you wouldn’t want ‘more’. Settling is viewed with suspicion. Settling equates to a ‘lack of ambition’. Settling is weak.

I realised something recently.

If we never settle, we’re signing up to a lifetime of being ‘unsettled’.

Unsettled isn’t a good state of being. Unsettled is restlessness. Unsettled is acceptance of a permanent lack of appreciation for our own achievements. Unsettled is anxiety.

If we never settle can we ever be truly happy?

Does the envy of a possible future diminish our present reality?

As a recent convert to the court of the ‘settled’ I can’t feign balance in this exploration. 45 years of ‘never settling’ dwarfs my 3 months of ‘settle-dom’.

Settling is peace of mind. Settling is contentment. Settling is appreciation. Settling is sleeping well.

Settling is the evaporation of anxiety.