July 25, 2020

The Box

The Box

"Here it is. Now tell me what’s going on?" I tell Dave as I hand over the plastic box.

Dave picks up his bag and places it inside the box.

"Seriously Dave, what are you....." before I can finish he's opened the bag and quickly fixed the lid to the box.

The streamlined head of the snake appears from the bag. It slithers gracefully, probing the box for an escape route.

“Is that Shirley?" Dave nods.

Mad Frankie's pride and joy.

“We’re going to be rich.”

“We're going to be dead you idiot!”

“Trust me. I’ve got a plan.”

Stewart swaggered his way towards our table and sat opposite.

“So, a few minor issues with the plan. Frankie knows Stewart.” I remind Dave.

Stewart pulls a crash helmet out his bag, to answer.

“OK. How you getting to Asda?”

“My uncles van.” says Stewart.

“Great, but Frankie will track it down.”

Stewart pulled the number plates from the bag. I shake my head.

“Stop being negative. Easiest £20k we’ll make. Stewart gets the money, hands over the box, leaves, meets us here.” Dave smiles. I recognise the smile and know it’s pointless trying to talk Dave out of it.

“Don't drop it. And keep it covered.” Dave handed the box to Stewart.

"We'll be watching.”

We wait in Dave's car.

"Here they come." says Dave.

Stewart hands the box to Frankie. He lifts the towel, peaks inside. All hell breaks loose.

"What's going on?"

I turn to face Dave and am greeted by Shirley, or specifically, her head. It’s like a sick finger puppet.

"They'll kill him."

Dave nods.

“And the money?”

"This wasn’t about money Ricky. Stewart’s been shagging Louise.”

As Dave watches Frankie drive off, I send a text.